Wrist Action

O/O Studio’s Julia Kim is having a ball with minimalism, literally, and we love the punctuation of color, shape and materials she brings to her upbeat and super sleek new jewelry line. Blending a contemporary sensibility with time-honored craftsmanship, every O/O design is decidedly geometric, a tad eccentric and completely unassuming all at the same time.

Silver (& Gold) Bells


We’re going green this holiday season—in silver and gold. Decorative yet functional, our Ampersand holiday wreath is a dazzling selection of new and vintage chains, chokers and necklaces now in-store. So here’s to multitasking in style!

Gemstone Gems


Real or faux, big and bold or tiny and embellished, we are all about gemstones. First in our little cornucopia, there’s Esqivel’s stunning new-boho brass and fluorite cuff. Then, of course, those standout and step back Mary Norton gold leather slingbacks with cabachon gem heels. Followed by a pair of eye-popping Bulgari sunglasses—ciao, bella, is right! And last but certainly not least, an oversized belt buckle all atop a Layla printed dress. What better way to add some dazzle to your fall wardrobe than a new gem-encrusted accessory or two?

Window Dressing


A perfect example of what we try to achieve with all our weekly window displays: a mix of classic pieces and our newest designer items in-store, as well as a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, shapes and price points. In this case, on the right, there’s a Zara top paired with gray leather pants and a Balmain crossbody. In the middle, a fabulous Kenzo jacket thrown over a T Alexander Wang jumpsuit. And on the left, to complete the picture, a vintage floral dress that is anything but a shrinking violet.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe—Mo’ Louis, that is!


LV addicts, you know who you are—come on, everyone knows who you are. And we all know the first step to recovery is admitting you’re powerless—who could blame you with this bevy of French beauties in the offering? So what’s your poison, a punchy color block or classic neutral print? Super weekender or slim wallet? Well, we will be more than happy to show them all off to you, pull them all off the shelves for you to inspect, ogle, model, covet, or, hopefully, even bring a few home with you!

Where The Wild Things Are


Though some may be taking trips to faraway lands this resort season, our idea of exotic travel is this truly unique emerald green vintage croc purse and matching wallet - suede lined, blue cabachon kiss clasp.  Bon voyages!

United Colors of Ampersand

09.23.14 For those who believe in thinking globally, shopping locally and dressing stylishly (which pretty much describes our customers!), we suggest pairing these fabulously chic Hermès kerchiefs and eye-catching vegan clutches. 

Louis! Louis!


Très mignonmais non? It's like a Louis Vuitton nesting doll! Seriously, we have just about every size and style of Louis Vuitton clutch/purse/wallet your Francophile heart could want--especially if what your heart most desires is an entire collection. In which case, we'll happily pack them one inside the other for you to carry out in that one stellar purse with the soft nude-colored tan leather handle sewn with corded braiding. 

Galanos in the Shade


Galanos times two--whether you want to be chic in the shade or sun worship in style, we've got you covered. Okay, terrible pun, but aren't these gorgeous? Really. 

Tiffany Nesson @ Ampersand!

09.16.14 We are thrilled to announce that Ampersand is the first retailer of LA-based designer Tiffany Nesson's dynamite wallet and coin purse collection. Super affordable, super fun colors offered in both leather and suede versions that will only look more fantastic with love and wear!