Get Your Groove On


Groove IS in the heart (anything to quote a Deee-Lite track)!  Lovin' this 70s maxi with its rick rack trim.

Bag It!


Cast in deep raspberry and rich chocolate brown, this selection of our newest bags in-store is more like a dessert tray of delectable leathers that are so supple, they’re practically edible. From the buttery Alexander McQueen tote to the bittersweet Louis Vuitton messenger to that delicious Proenza Schouler PS13, this is what we call a feast for the eyes.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe—Mo’ Louis, that is!


LV addicts, you know who you are—come on, everyone knows who you are. And we all know the first step to recovery is admitting you’re powerless—who could blame you with this bevy of French beauties in the offering? So what’s your poison, a punchy color block or classic neutral print? Super weekender or slim wallet? Well, we will be more than happy to show them all off to you, pull them all off the shelves for you to inspect, ogle, model, covet, or, hopefully, even bring a few home with you!

Proenza Schouler on the Racks!


Serious beauties currently with super sale prices.  Mainly petite sizes.  Do come visit!

Where The Wild Things Are


Though some may be taking trips to faraway lands this resort season, our idea of exotic travel is this truly unique emerald green vintage croc purse and matching wallet - suede lined, blue cabachon kiss clasp.  Bon voyages!

Ampersand Illustrated


We're big fans of Marc Johns--and clearly the feeling's mutual. Okay, think he's just a fan of the actual ampersand, not the ladies clothing part . . ..  His illustrations are so terrific, someone actually got a tattoo of this image!

Louis! Louis!


Très mignonmais non? It's like a Louis Vuitton nesting doll! Seriously, we have just about every size and style of Louis Vuitton clutch/purse/wallet your Francophile heart could want--especially if what your heart most desires is an entire collection. In which case, we'll happily pack them one inside the other for you to carry out in that one stellar purse with the soft nude-colored tan leather handle sewn with corded braiding. 

Schiaparelli at Ampersand


 Always such a treat when we get in anything Schiaparelli at Ampersand!


The Getaway


Last weekend of the summer season is already upon us, which means it's time to pack it up and get out of town! For those looking to add a little style to their holiday travel plans, might we suggest a few options just in store? Counterclockwise, there's a Fendi traveler, and to its right, the LV Speedy, followed by a charming blue Kate Spade, and, last but not least, a vintage Polo plaid.  Any of which will put the get in getaway, and we say getaway while it's haute!



We love the feminine take on the masculine detailing of this studded L'Agence sweater, Rebecca Minkoff cross-body purse and Giuseppe Zanotti ballet flats. Kinda Rosie the Riveter meets the Left Bank, mais non?

Vintage Beaded Beauty


We've just received a treasure trove of amazing vintage purses, all exquisite, all one of a kind, all with incredibly detailed leather or bead work like the one pictured here.