Molto Bene Marni


What we always love about Marni is Consuelo Castiglioni’s signature quirky Italian decadence, that unique balance of telltale prints, bold shapes and offbeat cuts. That said, what we really love about this new selection of Marni jewelry is the surprise of such unexpectedly sleek materials and streamlined designs, making them wonderfully understated statement pieces.

Spring Forward with Demaria Watch Bracelets


Just in time for Daylight Savings, vintage bracelets by 80s jewelry designer Demaria are becoming a bit of a new obsession at Ampersand. They won’t exactly help you keep time (who needs a watch these days that actually keeps time?), but the glittering rhinestone watch faces will add plenty of bling to your wrists.

Wrist Action

O/O Studio’s Julia Kim is having a ball with minimalism, literally, and we love the punctuation of color, shape and materials she brings to her upbeat and super sleek new jewelry line. Blending a contemporary sensibility with time-honored craftsmanship, every O/O design is decidedly geometric, a tad eccentric and completely unassuming all at the same time.

Sasha Bell


Cast in sterling silver and plated with 18k gold, Sasha Bell’s earrings are distinctly detailed yet versatile enough for almost any occasion. They’re standout and laid-back, modern, urban and tribal all at the same time. Actually, you know when you’re out on a mission, shopping for that perfect gift, find something truly amazing, and then end up debating whether to buy it for yourself or do the right thing and purchase it for your sister/mother/daughter/best friend? We understand. And in this case, we recommend compromising: buy a pair of Sasha Bells for yourself and one for each of t...

Silver (& Gold) Bells


We’re going green this holiday season—in silver and gold. Decorative yet functional, our Ampersand holiday wreath is a dazzling selection of new and vintage chains, chokers and necklaces now in-store. So here’s to multitasking in style!

Gemstone Gems


Real or faux, big and bold or tiny and embellished, we are all about gemstones. First in our little cornucopia, there’s Esqivel’s stunning new-boho brass and fluorite cuff. Then, of course, those standout and step back Mary Norton gold leather slingbacks with cabachon gem heels. Followed by a pair of eye-popping Bulgari sunglasses—ciao, bella, is right! And last but certainly not least, an oversized belt buckle all atop a Layla printed dress. What better way to add some dazzle to your fall wardrobe than a new gem-encrusted accessory or two?

Ampersand ❤ Esquivel


As much as we want Ampersand to be a boutique for every woman--and we do, we really do want every woman who walks through our door to feel right at home. But still, sometimes a little exclusivity is in order. Which is why we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Ampersand will now be the exclusive Los Angeles retailer of the Esquivel jewelry line. Each piece is truly unique and handmade in Los Angeles. And you know, the only thing we love more than ...

Chanel Fisticuffs



Resin cuff by Verdura with pearls, this Chanel cuff is truly one of our most spectacular pieces. Photographed here with a dynamite Lanvin maxi dress, but of course this big ivory cuff would work perfectly with Chanel's little black jacket--and we have quite a few of those in store, too. 

Happy Holidays!!


Thanks for another great year at Ampersand. Hope you're all having an amazing holiday, and please come visit us soon for some sparkly cheer!

Stone Age


Takes a pretty outrageous mix of vintage and new stones to hold their own, up against a heavyweight like this Oscar de la Renta beaded shirtdress, but this mix is up to the match! 



Delicate, feminine and simple: three bangles in perfect harmony, because nothing spells chic quite like Hermès.

Buggin' Out


Inspired by this recent Harper's Bazaar spread, we wanted to share our very own selection of winged and flying and beautifully bejeweled Ampersand Must-Have's! (And of course the Marc Jacobs black-and-white striped sweater dress with iris applique provide the perfect garden setting!) 

Hello, Kitty!


All right, ladies, time to trade in cabin fever for some jungle fever! Here, kitty, kitty is right, and we're feeling hot and bothered by these three cat's meows (a green enamel & rhinestone bracelet, an articulated link rhinestone bracelet, and to the left, a gold and spotted Cheetah necklace) - all vintage pieces from the 80s, as is the multi-colored Escada scarf they're prancing on.

Spring Training


With the temperatures beginning to rise again (at least here in LA!), here's a bevy of colors, textures and shapes that will take us straight into spring: the fabulous fabric is a Tuleh wrap dress; the delicate bird broach is vintage Panetta; the navy beads are lapis with sterling; and the green link is actually a Prada belt/necklace.