Hello, Kitty!


All right, ladies, time to trade in cabin fever for some jungle fever! Here, kitty, kitty is right, and we're feeling hot and bothered by these three cat's meows (a green enamel & rhinestone bracelet, an articulated link rhinestone bracelet, and to the left, a gold and spotted Cheetah necklace) - all vintage pieces from the 80s, as is the multi-colored Escada scarf they're prancing on.

Spring Training


With the temperatures beginning to rise again (at least here in LA!), here's a bevy of colors, textures and shapes that will take us straight into spring: the fabulous fabric is a Tuleh wrap dress; the delicate bird broach is vintage Panetta; the navy beads are lapis with sterling; and the green link is actually a Prada belt/necklace.