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Our Story

“I've always loved the ampersand's image and continue to use it because there are so many 'ands', chapters really, in all of our lives—different careers, relationships, homes—times,” says owner Laura Armstrong, explaining the namesake of her Los Angeles women’s consignment shop. Considering that, over the years, Laura studied journalism, worked in advertising and investment banking, followed by a long career in film and television, you have to wonder how she came to connect opening a boutique to the chapters of her own life.  Laura traces her passion for treasure hunting to her maternal grandmother, a woman who decorated her entire house in antiquities and incredible textiles. That’s where it all began for Laura, seeing the personal identity a woman could create through found objects.

An appreciation for beauty, no matter what it is or where it came from—the materials, craftsmanship and design—that’s what makes an object a genuine treasure in Laura’s eyes. In fact, that’s what she always calls Ampersand's latest finds, excitedly asking, “Do you want to see the new treasures we got in?” Because that’s truly how she feels about each item we consign—precious, unique, covetable. And that’s the heart of Ampersand: discovery.

As for our team, well, we’re a close-knit group of hard-working, animal-adoring, multi-talented, and fashion-loving women—probably a lot like you. It’s still hard to put into words, because Ampersand means so many things to each of us. It’s the relationship between different eras and styles of clothing; between Laura and our team; between every customer, consignor and our store. Our hope is that the pieces you discover at Ampersand will help you make that connection to the many chapters of your life.